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2008-08-06 15:32:38 by Caitlinsboy

My computer crashed! And now we have to send it in for repairs! Lucky the warranty can cover all of that. Anyway I haven't for a year or so put music on my music myspace. Mainly because of moving, partly, because my computer was acting retarded before it crashed. So when I get my computer back all nice and clean, I'm gonna start working on a song for all of you guys. Alright I guess thats it! L8er!



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2008-08-06 15:34:36

My power supply fried a month or so ago.

Caitlinsboy responds:

I think that is what was wrong with mine, plus it wasn't reading my ram correctly, it read 447MB when I was supposed to have 512MB.

Thanks for the comment!


2008-08-06 15:37:25

wtf is that.

Caitlinsboy responds:

Lol just a random pic I put up. Nothing important.


2008-08-06 15:47:16

Is that a picture of a cock?

(Updated ) Caitlinsboy responds:

Glad you asked, from now on I'll be putting random pics at the end of all of my news posts.

Thanks for the comment!


2008-08-06 16:11:20


Caitlinsboy responds:

Wow lol, you think too much. But thanks for the comment... I think...